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Hall of the Kunger Binb: Episode I + II

Adventure and mystery in the enigmatic Kunger Binb's castle. · By WiL


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Kunger Binb 4.0 is officially released!
Barring anything game-breaking being discovered and requiring repair, this will be the final update to Hall of the Kunger Binb. As mentioned in the prerelease...
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Kunger Binb 4.0 prerelease is available
Thus marks the beginning of the end. Once bugfixed and officially released, and added to the Museum of ZZT in Extreme Edition form, Kunger Binb will no longer r...
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Kunger Binb 3.3
Kunger Binb 3.3 is a small bugfix version, adding (a) some of the preparation work for episode 2 and (b) fixing a longstanding bug with some objects being able...
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Kunger Binb 3.2
Kunger Binb 3.2 Changelog: * Added a new element attribute "Runnable", on which the player can run! (You can run on most things) * To run, just hold a single di...
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Kunger Binb 3.1
Changes for version 3.1: Updated the descriptions of several items, characters and locations. Added a hard limit to number of arrests. Fixed two rare softlocks...
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Kunger Binb 3.0 is out!
Kunger Binb 3.0 is released! Kunger Binb has now been out for a couple months, and I'm pleased to announce a MAJOR feature update is finally ready for release...
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The Hall of The Kunger Binb was written with (a modified version of) the lightweight Zeta emulator in mind. As such, it...
started by asie Feb 26, 2021
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