Kunger Binb 4.0 is officially released!

Barring anything game-breaking being discovered and requiring repair, this will be the final update to Hall of the Kunger Binb. As mentioned in the prerelease, the promise of Weave 2 is too inviting and I have been delaying other projects in an effort to get a final, "best" version of Kunger, complete with the episode 2 DLC, out the door. This is that version.

Version 4.0a adds:

  • A whole 2 new worlds to explore (!), with many secrets. Adds another 54 (!) playable boards.
  • Improvements to worlds 1, 2, 3, and 5, including better rendering of dialogue, repaired bugs, improvements to the hint system (including additional context-based clues from Wise Bird) and clearer indications of what's happening throughout the game.
  • A new version of HardWeave (1.4u) that's more stable all round. No more holes in the walls or eating save files.

Thank you to everyone that's worked on, provided feedback for, and otherwise brought life to this project.


BINB4.0.zip 1 MB
Apr 14, 2022
BINBWEB-4.0.zip Play in browser
Apr 14, 2022

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