Kunger Binb 3.0 is out!

Kunger Binb 3.0 is released!

Kunger Binb has now been out for a couple months, and I'm pleased to announce a MAJOR feature update is finally ready for release.

There are some big changes under the hood in 3.0, as well as some quality-of-life improvements that folks will appreciate.  Primary among these is a feature nobody thought possible in ZZT: pathfinding has made its way to Hall of the Kunger Binb!  (Yes, for real) Along with the existing hints in the game, pressing H will sometimes display gentle arrows guiding lost players toward screens with progression based on their current game state.  This will hopefully assist players with navigating the notoriously unwieldy space.

In addition to pathfinding, additional hints have been added to areas of the game where they were lacking, the sensitivity of some items has been increased to better detect the player's presence, and numerous other small fixes have been put in place based on the excellent feedback provided by the community as well as the many testers.  I cannot thank you enough.

If you're new, enjoy Hall of the Kunger Binb 3.0.  If you played 2.x and ended up lost in the castle, give 3.0 a try; a gentle nudge toward the right path may be just what you need to uncover the secrets of the Kungdom!

Much love



Apr 27, 2021

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