An open-world deckbuilder adventure game for ZZT. ZOZ was created between July 10 and November 10 of 2022 using Weave 2 (https://meangirls.itch.io/weave-2). Created as part of Open World Jam 2022: https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/12211

Full Release

The full release of this game is playable in its entirety online, on this page. It is built to run on DOS machines, but an emulator is provided with the downloadable version of the game.

Hit us up in the Discord of ZZT https://museumofzzt.com/discord and let WiL know if there are major issues.

Mean Girls Games

This is a Mean Girls Games release.  Go check out our other stuff at https://meangirls.itch.io!


  • Music, Art, Gameplay, etc. by WiL
  • Co-creators:
    • beatscribe
  • MGG President:
    • KKairos
  • Testers:
    • DarkMatt
    • endgame
    • H1
    • Zephyr
    • KKairos
    • lovelovekitty
    • VRose
    • bokonon_lives
    • Noser
    • Zinfandel
    • JWWells
    • rbts
    • Lancer-X
    • Bluey
    • ThDPro
    • Mariken
    • Alice!
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Adventure
Tags2D, ascii, Deck Building, MS-DOS, Open World, Retro, Singleplayer, Text based, zzt
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


zoz-map-pack.zip 805 kB
ZOZ-with-zeta-0520141.ZIP 1 MB

Install instructions

  1. Extract the ZIP to its own folder.
  2. Run PLAY-ZOZ.EXE to play.

- For MS-DOS, FreeDOS or DOSBox:

  1. Extract the ZIP to its own folder.
  2. Run ZZT.EXE to play.

Development log

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Also... Is there a different way of loading saves? I hit R and select a save file (which are named slots1-3, since I saved three times, but none are called asdf.sav, the name I was prompted for). If I select one of the "actual" ones, I get told "Runtime error 204 at 0071:0E66.", while if I select the window border (which duplicates itself a ton into the slots), I get told "Emulation stopped" in a different font over it

I'm also unable to reload my web saves - the emulator seems to be using the same db to store multiple ZZT games in and the save directories are interfering with one another. I've pinged the creator of the emulator to see how we might sort it out. Hang tight

Fixed - you can load your ASDF.SAV now, no problems

Oh thank goodness, you're a lifesaver!

Is there a way to reset the Skypertube? I walked in and sealed it for the puzzle, but then got the message to reset. When I got back the thing was still sealed, with the puzzle unfinished. Did I softlock myself or is there something else I've missed?

Imma test and get back to you. I thought I covered that edge case but I'll walk back through and confirm.

Holy ?! It is a bug! I will patch this in a future release, but for now you can type ?noclip to get yourself back in the skypertube and type ?clip once you're inside to finish the puzzle. Thank you for finding this, I have in my notes that I tested this exact scenario, so it must have regressed at some point.

Heh, it seems I'm blessed (or rather, cursed), with finding niche bugs in your games!

Thanks for the workaround and for getting a fix ready!


i dont get it how do i play this


you can press h to open one help manual and m to open a different one.  To select an option, press down until the blue arrows are next to that option, then press space.  At the beginning, you are in a prologue where there is very limited card battling and you have no deck. You should talk to NPCs by walking into them and interact with objects in the same manner to figure out the plot and your character's identity.  You move with the arrow keys and cannot move diagonally (except via glitches in a handful of circumstances).  There is no consistent way to tell which tiles are walkable and which aren't, but you can walk on any tile an enemy walks on and the tiles with three horizontal lines tend to be doors. Screen edges mostly lead to new maps if you can walk on the spots next to them, but not always, and sometimes only from certain spots along the edge.  Things that flash yellow are important.  You fight enemies with cards, and get 2 actions per turn.  If you encounter an enemy near another enemy, you may get a single fight with both enemies at once, which is usually bad but sometimes good.  Your goal is to stop ZoZ but it's actually to get married but its actually to negotiate the boundary between a post-apocalyptic anarcho-communist society and a dystopian late-stage capitalist one in a coming-of-age adventure story.


^ I am referring all future questions about the game to this comment.


Thanks XD


Currently playing through all of this- very good.  I just discovered zzt recently so this is super cool to see.


This is so freakin cool, I remember making ansi art games back in high school. Rock on, this is important work.


Deck-builder RPG FTW! Such a fun mechanic.


Great game!!!